I was born in the NoTown's kennel and was named
NoTown's Hammer and Tong. My family name is Hamlet.

Hammer and Tong is an Australian slang meaning
"To go at full speed, giving everything you've got".
It's an Australian name I got from my dad Ben, who is from Australia.

I was born 2005-03-05 01:50 pm and weighed 540g.

I live in Hallstahammar in Sweden ..

I have HD A, and my eyes are clear of all eye diseases
and I am PCD tested +/+.

My mom's name is Notown's Catch You Later "Ebba"

My dad's name is Regencyblue Cliff Richard "Ben"



SE UCH  Regencyblue Cliff Richard
White Grey's kennel

SE UCH,  FIN UCH, NUCH Notown's Catch You Later
Notown's kennel